We always promote wearing compression socks for health, travel, lifestyle, after vein procedures and surgery.  But with summer or winter holidays just around the corner – there is no better time to come in and get a 20min fitting  for compression socks with a trained fitter or registered nurse,. This service is available in Wellington and Auckland only.  Book Now.

Why wear compression socks?  Compression socks (or stockings) are designed to make veins drain faster and more efficiently. They do this by compressing the calf muscle – therefore pushing blood back up to the heart. By doing this compression socks can help prevent

  • Pooling of blood in your lower limbs
  • Dull aching, throbbing or itching at the end of the day
  • Swelling
  • Blood clots forming in your lower limbs – which could travel towards your heart and become life threatening
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Why wear compression socks when travelling in a plane?  In a nutshell, high altitude puts pressure on your body.  This affects your big limbs, like legs.  Symptoms can be swelling of the feet and ankles or developing a blood clot.  The idea of compression is that they hug your leg pump, which is your calf muscle, helping to circulate blood more effectively while you sit through your journey.   The stimulation of blood flow also helps for prolonged sitting or standing, so even if you are not travelling by plane, compression will help with your journey. 

Compression socks are a great idea for a gift or for yourself.  Take advantage of our fitting from a trained fitter or registered nurse in Wellington or Auckland.  We stock an extensive range of plain, patterned and breathable fabrics –  suitable for your lifestyle.  We offer a custom fitting with one of our friendly trained staff. Click here to book an appointment today.