How it works

Patient Pathway

At SVH we have a simple three step process we refer to as our Patient Pathway. We like to make things nice and easy for you, just like our treatment plans.

Dr Lupe & JK Wicks

Step 1:  Initial Consultation

  • Find a clinic near you
  • Make an appointment and meet with one of our vascular surgeons
Vascular Ultrasonographers

Step 2: Diagnosis

  • Complete a painless 30-60 minute ultrasound scan 
  • The ultrasound provides our surgeons with a road map and helps them to create a treatment plan
  • The treatment plan is discussed with you

Step 3: Treatment

  • Our procedures take around an hour
  • Recovery is also an hour, we provide light refreshments!
  • Our team will follow up in 2-5 days, you’ll meet with the surgeon after a couple of weeks

Patient Pathway – Overview

  • Watch the video demonstrating our Patient Pathway from initial consultation to treatment.

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We use the most advanced treatment which means; a day procedure, minimal time off work post procedure, significantly reduced cost to the patient, little or no scarring and minimal pain.

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Kate - SVH customer

I have had both stripping of varicose veins and radiofrequency ablation (RFA). There is no comparison, with the RFA i had hardly any pain afterwards and was back to normal activities the next day. The results have been amazing and it has changed my life,

Dianne - SVH customer

I was extremely pleased with the level of comfort I experienced before, during and after the procedure. I am very pleased with the outcome of my operation.


I found the staff very respectful. During my procedure the doctor and nurse explained what was happening, answered my questions and made me feel very comfortable.

Gayle - SVH Customer

I have been so pleased with the whole experience of a one stop shop. I referred myself and from the first phone call to book a consultation, SVH were able to book me for a scan & procedure date plus the cosmetic laser treatments all around my busy life.

Sarah - SVH customer

I am amazed at the results Specialist Vein Health have achieved with my spider veins – the process is easy, painless and relatively inexpensive, and I now have the confidence to wear shorts and swimwear again.