We stock a range of products including compression garments to help with venous disease, sports, long distance travel and general well being.

Jobst compression

We stock a full range of jobst knee and thigh high stockings and pantyhose. These compression stockings are known by doctors all over the world for helping with vascular conditions.  Jobst also has a selection of unisex coloured sock compression therapy designed for everyday wear with broad gender appeal.  This selection can be used for venous disease,  sports, travel or daily living. 

Venosan compression

Venosan make compression garments both in Europe and Asia for the global market.  Their compression stockings are available in 3 classes for the following:

  1. Varicose veins
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Odema therapy
  4. Anti embolism
  5. Travel Socks and
  6. Leg Ulcers. 

Venosan compression are made in a variety of sizes, are unisex and made with breathable fabric. We stock two colours – black and beige in both knee and thigh high compression. 

Please book for a free fitting with our compression therapist today.

compression socks


Made in Denmark these compression socks are available in a variety of sizes, colours, patterns and compression grades. This gives you the flexibility to choose a pair that suits your style and your needs.  These compression socks can be used for people with venous disease, for sports, travel or general wellbeing. 

asap soothing gel

We recommend using asap soothing gel after laser treatments offered by our specialist aesthetics.

asap combine natural ingredients Aloe Vera, Pepper Berry, Sage and White Tea to protect, soothe and calm skin. This water based formulation is an ideal  inflamed or irritable skin – like following laser treatments.  We frequently use asap soothing gel both during and after aesthetic laser treatments.