Varicose veins are often dismissed as merely a cosmetic issue, but they may be indicative of underlying health problems and should always be checked with a vein specialist. In this article, we dive into the multiple symptoms that are often misunderstood or attributed to other causes like aging, inactivity, or weight gain.


Common early symptoms

Achy legs

The initial tell-tale sign for many is the sensation of aching legs. This discomfort can range from a mild ache to a constant throbbing, becoming particularly noticeable during the nighttime.


Restlessness and muscle cramps

In bed, you may experience increased muscle cramps or restlessness in the legs. These symptoms can cause significant disturbance in sleep patterns and overall quality of life.


Skin issues

Skin problems are another common but often overlooked symptom. Many patients report experiencing very dry and flaky skin that can later escalate into an eczema-type rash.


Advanced symptoms

Pigmentation and texture changes

In more advanced stages of varicose veins, the skin undergoes noticeable changes. Increased pigmentation and altered texture are concerning indicators that warrant immediate medical attention.


Varicose eczema and discoloration

When the veins start to back-fill and pool blood, the skin can develop what is known as varicose eczema. This condition is often accompanied by skin discoloration, which may progressively deteriorate and break down over time.


Swelling and discomfort

The back-filling of the veins can lead to discomfort in specific areas such as the calf and the ankle. In some cases, noticeable swelling occurs, adding to the discomfort.


Unpredictable progression

It’s crucial to note that not all cases of varicose veins will progress from mild to severe symptoms. However, a significant percentage will worsen over time. Given that it’s challenging to predict which cases will advance, it’s generally advised to seek treatment as soon as symptoms manifest.


To wrap it up

Understanding the symptoms of varicose veins beyond their cosmetic inconvenience is the first step toward proactive vascular health. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, consult one of our healthcare professionals for a varicose vein consultation near you.