A venous lake is a common blue or dark purple soft macule or papule lesions due to vascular dilation. It is mostly commonly seen on the lips. 

Who gets a venous lake?

Venous lake is most commonly diagnosed in middle-aged men and women, of any ethnic race.

What is the cause of a venous lake?

The cause is unknown.  However it is thought that sun-damage may be a cause.  We recommend patients wear sunblock all year round.

What is the treatment for a venous lake?

A venous lake is harmless and really does not require treatment.  However as it is often regarded as an unsightly lesion it is often removed simply by destroying the lesion.  This can cause a temporary scab.  Our treatment to remove a venous lake is

  • Vascular Laser – Excel V (from Cutera)

Is the treatment painful?

  • It can be uncomfortable but not painful
  • We use lots of pre and post cooling

How many treatments will need?

  • A treatment plan will be developed for your treatment at the initial consultation with one of our registered nurses.  We advise you will need a minimum of two treatments 4-6 weeks apart.

Who does the treatment?

  • One of our registered nurses

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