When the weather is warmer most of us want to wear shorts, swim suits and no makeup, but for people with spider veins this is not always an easy option.  Specialist Vein Health (SVH), Wellington now offers a simple and affordable treatment for this.  You no longer have to treat tiny spider veins with just sclerotherapy injections,  SVH offers non-surgical treatment with aesthetic laser technology from Cutera.  This is an American company who have created the most advanced medical grade laser called  – Excel V.  Our treatment targets, reduces and softens the colour of spider veins on your face or body. 

How does Excel V Laser work? 

Our Excel V laser delivers pulses of light energy which cause the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the treated vessel.  This vessel is then reabsorbed by your body.  Blood flow will naturally be redirected to other small vessels below the skin.   Read more about leg spider veins or facial spider veins.

At your initial appointment

  • You will meet one of our trained registered nurses
  • She will do an assessment of your problem area(s)
  • A treatment plan is made for you
  • Costs and packages will be discussed
  • Answer all FAQs
  • This appointment will take about 15 minutes
  • This initial consultation with one of our registered nurses is Free
  • Spider vein treatment with our Excel V laser is considered cosmetic and is not covered by most medical insurance policies

Why should I treat my Spider Veins?

Although they may only be cosmetic, our registered nurses are trained in assessing the possible underlying causes of your spider veins and may discuss this with you. Spider veins where ever they may be on the body are unsightly.  This can affect your confidence and general wellbeing.  At SVH our staff are very discreet and understand how important it is to soften or diminish the appearance of those unsightly veins on your face or body.  Contact us today.