Leg & Facial Spider Vein treatment

We offers a painless and affordable laser treatment for leg and facial spider veins.  Treatments are preformed by either one of our RNs or laser therapists in Wellington or Auckland.

Book  a 20 minute treatment consultation ($40.00 redeemable with 1st treatment) to discuss & plan your treatment(s).

There is no need to cover up your legs anymore. We have laser treatment to address your spider vein concerns.  Our RNs or laser therapist in Auckland or Wellington have been trained to use Alma’s Harmony Pro XL and Cutera’s excel V.  Both are FDA cleared technologies. Both  use the most advanced Aesthetic technology that combines two lasers which can target, reduce improve and soften the above Vascular Conditions.  The Excel V and Harmony  LP Nd Yag, unlike other IPL and some other laser machines, has been developed to treat vascular conditions.  Our Excel V and Harmony use a deeper wave length – 1064 nm which offers greater depth of penetration and has extended pulse duration, which facilitates powerful heating allowing treatment of deeper lesions that cannot be targeted by shorter wavelengths. 

The reason why our yag 1064 lasers are considered the standard to remove,  soften, fade and improve black, red and blue face or leg spider veins is because it has a strong absorption to something called oxyhemoglobin.  This allows the laser beam to selectively target and heat veins, softening and fading, but not harming the skin.

What to expect

It is often said that it feels like a rubber band flicking against your skin.  Pre and post cooling is often used to soothe the treated areas.  Compression socks do not need to be worn after treatments.  Click here to Learn more.

Call us 0800 834643 Wellington or 0800 834 644 Auckland today for 20mins consultation ($40.00 redeemable on treatment) with one of our RNs or laser therapists.  During this consultation, prices will be discussed and a personalized treatment plan will be created for you.

Treatment packages are available in both centres.

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